Shared Cruise Transfers

Many individuals love to cruise and with forums such as cruise critic many can now share their experiences.

They also can arrange the opportunity to share transfers to and from the port.

Sometimes this works perfectly but of course with multiple Hotel or Airport terminal pickups delays can ensue.

However sometimes other issues can occur these include arguments between cruise travellers over who should be dropped off first to arguments between individuals on a cruise which then can change the dynamic if travellers suddenly chose not to travel with one and other.

A company based in the north of England related a story to us where the transfer became so acrimonious because one of the couples took a dislike to another passenger that the passenger in question had to be met by another vehicle as he was not prepared to put up with the behaviour of the couple.

Clearly most of us rub along well but it is worth bearing in mind you should try to get to know who your fellow passengers are before setting up a shared transfer.

Additionally should a couple or individual drop out this can affect the pricing offered.

A shared transfer can work however its always best to consider cost over comfort as some transfer services idea of a minivan could not even fit a Mini!

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