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How long have you been trading?

We have operated for over 20 years and are licensed by transport for London. We are also members of London and Partners the London Tourist Authority and the Federation of Small Busnesses.


Are you a real Limo Service?

Yes we are open 24/7 and have Drivers who are licenced and insured appropriately. Central Chauffeur has substantial liability insurance.


Can your drivers speak English and do you offer other foreign language speaking drivers?

We do not use drivers who do not understand you or you them.

For clients who require language specific drivers as well. Just ask us and we will try our best. As an example we have: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and other language speakers


Do you track inbound flights?

We track flights and their arrival times. Early or late we will be aware. Our drivers generally will stay in a terminal for up to 2 hours after touchdown. We build in a generous waiting time and parking costs to our airport and port pickup rates.

Our driver will leave if we do not hear from you after 2 hours we will then charge for the transfer based on a no show. Understandably should you call for our driver to return after this time it will be treated as a new journey.

Private aviation rates may vary based on advised arrival time.


How do we meet your driver? Will they help with our bags?

At Airports our drivers will meet you in the arrivals hall after you have cleared passport control and baggage claim. Generally customs is a formality.

We do offer a premium meet at Aircraft service for clients but the cost is substantially more than a regular meet and greet transfer.

If you are arriving by private aircraft subject to airfield restrictions we will meet you at the Aircraft.

At ports we generally meet at the exit from the terminal after you have claimed your bags.

Hotel collections are normally at the entrance or by arrangement with the door staff.

For collection from residences we will arrange the most appropriate contact method.

When meeting a client in the Airport and port they will try their best to assist with baggage.

Our driver will load and unload the vehicle. You must check all your belongings are on board or removed upon departure or arrival.


What services do you offer?

We offer the following services:

Airport, Port, Hotel and Home transfers, Theatre transfers, Group transportation, Event transfers, Road Show services, Shopping trips, Media transfers and TV and Film Units, Driver Guide and Blue badge lecture guide tours, Transfers in to Europe, UK Wide transportation.

What are the general journey times I should expect?

The following table is not exhaustive.

Please add enough time for check in at peak time journeys can take much longer.

Heathrow to London 1 - 2 Hours dependent on Location

Gatwick to London

1½ - 2 Hours dependent on Location

Heathrow to Gatwick

50 Minutes to 2 Hours

Gatwick to Heathrow

50 Minutes to 2 Hours

Heathrow to Dover

1½ to 2 Hours

Gatwick to Dover

1½ to 2 Hours

Heathrow to Southampton

1½ to 2 Hours

Gatwick to Southampton

1½ to 2 Hours

Heathrow to Harwich 

 2½ to 3 Hours

Gatwick to Harwich

2 to 3 Hours

London to Dover /Harwich/Southampton

2 Hours


What payment options are there?

We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Cash (Pounds, US Dollars or Euros) foreign currency is accepted at the prevailing sale rate on the day. A card is required to reserve a booking you may choose how you pay at the time of booking or completion. We do not accept travellers checks.


Is my personal data safe?

Yes we do not pass your data to third parties. We are obliged by the regulatory authority to keep journey records.


Do you offer child seats and boosters?

We offer most types of seats and boosters we try to accommodate all needs on some occasions this is not possible as an example at short notice. We do not charge additional fees for this service.


Luggage levels

Why will you not allow luggage in the cabin?

In brief luggage in a cabin can be a projectile and could cause injury additionally it can damage the vehicles seats and interior this is unfair on future travellers.

Safety has to come above personal vanity when choosing an appropriate vehicle for transfers.


Are your rates higher than some services?

Possibly but we do not compare ourselves or our rates with other services, However we offer a 24/7 Service our lines are toll free and our drivers are smartly turned out.

Our clients are more discerning and our drivers deserve to earn a reasonable income which enables them to have a career not just a stop gap.

We are an ethical company which values it’s clients. An old dented car is not what we offer.

We feel our service offers value and integrity.

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